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Deadbeat brother, agreeing to leave premises at precisely 10:30am Tuesday morning, and to collect his huge check, calls 30 minutes before said time, and asks for one more day.

I had arranged my personal schedule, and that of my son, to accommodate his “busy” schedule, (that of an unemployed, welfare-sucking bum) so that I could get him out of the house after 60 years of rent-free living.  Of course, he needs one more day. For what? So he can get his dog a bath before leaving. I guess there is no water in Oregon.  When he is finally gone, it will be well worth the huge loan I had to obtain to get him out. There will be no more accommodating anything having to do with him. It will be a huge relief not to have to give him money because he has no idea what happened to the $1000 I just gave him a few weeks earlier. What a douchebag.


I am only repeating the obvious. But I can’t help it. Democrats rush to ban firearms the SAME DAY of the Navy Yard shooting. This is so utterly predictable now, it is disgusting. The gun obsessed maniacs jump all over the place ranting about how a vicious AR 15 shot up a bunch of people, only to find out that in fact, it was Joe Biden’s shotgun. No pulling back whatsoever. No mention of how Joe Biden caused this mayhem. Nothing like that. It is so clear that the gun banners lust, droolingly, for new massacres so that they can jump up and down and claim they have to take away the arms protected by the Constitution for every citizen. It’s laughable, disgusting, and hateful.

What happened to cause one entire political party to hate firearms? What?

Another one. This time, in Washington DC. OK. The place was shot up. What I want to comment on is the hysteria and bad reporting by the press. There have been so many bad facts reported I just stopped listening. “The numbers have been changing all day” is a quote I have heard over and over.
News organizations are reporting “facts” obtained from “Tweets”, for Christ’s sake.

Whatever the totality of the event turns out to be, the American public deserves the truth. For this to happen, the press outlets must restrain themselves from stupid speculation and “anchor lady guesses”. How about the press just waits for the police to report what the can confirm.

It will never happen. “At the end of the day you may find it was just a single shooter”, (Fox News, 3:45pm ET).
Yes. At the end of the day many many “facts” reported will be shown to be untruths.
Is this what the “instant information” world we live has led to?
Yes, it is. The news “sources” are hysterical trying to be “the first”. Being “the correct” is irrelevant. If they have a shred of possibly true information, they go with it, without knowing it’s veracity. Doesn’t matter. If it’s new, it goes on the “News”. By definition, I guess.

Tweets read by stupid kids in newsrooms reported as facts.
“Sum Ting Wong”… Remember him?
Well, you should.

Remember the Seinfield Show? Of course you do. Remember when George and Jerry were pitching their own show to NBC? The “show about nothing”?

That phrase occurs to me just about once a week, doing my job. The local television news industry is locked into a situation where they MUST fill hours a day of “news”, even when none exists.
You see, there must be something in between all the commercials for mattresses and cellphone plans. So, daily, news producers and assignment editors slave away, trying to dig up something worthy of six hours attention by a news photographer, news reporter, and a few minutes attention by a news producer. Then, when it is all done, two minutes of air time is used up by a “story about nothing”.

It is amazing to me how a “necessary” story is dropped entirely, instantly, when another “better” story comes along.

That’s why some days I spend hours over nothing. A shooting in Oakland. (yawn), A rape in Rohnert Park (Nobody cares), Stolen baseball bats at a Petaluma Little League field. A traffic officer has his foot run over by a car at an intersection.
These are all life-impacting events, squashed into a video production that is a must-see information-packed report.
Follow our Anchorette on Twitter. She has such informative opinions and other things to tell you. Such as the name of the station’s weather Doppler thing on some mountain somewhere that will tell (in cartoon form) you if it is raining. Not unlike the cartoon the Perky, wide-awake morning “Traffic Expert” shows, of red colored crawling automobiles that tell you the traffic is backed up “to the maze” on the Bay Bridge EVERY FUCKING MORNING. Now, THAT’S NEWS!

Brother! I can’t stand the utter stupidity any more.
Oh well, it’s no worse than working at a sewage treatment facility….. Oh wait… at least there, the company provides health care for life!

Saturday has a feel. I work Saturdays. Nights. But Saturday mornings have a feel about them. They feel like nobody else is working that day. There is no update on The Drudge Report, for example. To speak of. It’s still Friday’s posts. There is no hussle of workers and students standing at the bus stops as I head to the dog park to give my dogs their daily walk.
When I get to work at 3pm, there is a feel. The place is empty. Nobody around except for the schlubs who are assigned the weekend shifts. The area around the place is filled with families and others who, inexplicably, feel an urge to travel to a place where they have to pay 4 dollars an hour at a parking meter to walk around with a bunch of other people, looking for diversion from their boring lives.
That’s fine.
At work, on weekends, I mostly drive from place to place taking video of shootings, house fires, idiot stranded windsurfers, weekend festivals, and other crap. Sometimes it is very boring and I get some reading done between shootings.
Then I go home.
When Monday arrives I am two days closer to my two days off, which are Thursday and Friday. My days off are much like my future retirement. I see people going to work, and I don’t have to.
Today it is very foggy on this Saturday morning, which is fine with me. Many folks are home still sleeping, or having their bacon and egg breakfasts.
I am having my solitary coffee, getting ready to go out for a couple of hours to Ft Funston. Dogs run around, and we come back.
It’s fine. Fine.
Started another book on WWII. Finished one on Cabeza del Vaca. Asked Taylor for his copy of Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe. Haven’t read that in years. For a change, I will try a fiction book.

Ah, well. Life is good.

Deadbeat brother actually has hired a moving company.
Wants his M O N E Y.
I am almost ready to plan the exorcism of the property.
Tomorrow, he may actually be gone. For good.

America’s #1 Hag, Hillary Clinton, once again proves she is adept at keeping truth from America. Any other potential Presidential candidate has made their position on the Invasion of Syria public. They are either for it or against it.
Hillary, the ultimate liar and deceitful clever politician, has been totally absent for the past ten days. Not ONE appearance in public or ONE statement concerning the prime topic in American politics this week, the invasion of Syria.


I fucking hate her. Fucking HATE her.

After an awful day yesterday with my asshole brother, I went over to the house he has been squatting in for sixty years and paid the movers he hired to pack up his shit.
He has also stolen numerous small items such as pictures, ceramics, and other nostalgic household items. He will soon, (maybe) get his ass out of the house, and we shall hold an Exorcism.
Then, with his departure, I will close the book on him, and never speak or have any contact with him whatsoever for the rest of my life.

I can hardly wait to hand him his fucking $150,000 check.