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After forty two years in television engineering, I have had enough. It was a terrific career, and there were some exceptional moments. If only I could relive the excitement, fun, and enjoyment that this industry provided me. I won’t go into any of them, I have the memories, and they are great.
There was fulfillment and adventure, challenge and frustration, accomplishments and fails, people I loved and people I hate. Crooks, scammers, dreamers, fools. Takers, givers, doers and sloths.
All told, a good cross section of the world
My job put me in contact with more different types of people than I can recall. It took me to more places than I ever wanted to go.
Done things I hated, loved, and endured.
Now, it sucks. The industry has become evil, nasty, chintzy, and full of fools.
Can I go now?


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