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Well, we have all been watching the hoodlums in Ferguson, Oakland, San Francisco, Portland, New York, and other cities all doing their best to make everybody else unhappy because they are.
It’s sickening to watch the black caucus, the St Louis Rams, Jacks- and Sharpt -on, ignorant blacks and others continuing to play out their fantasy of the hoodlum who was surrendering.
A Grand Jury decided otherwise. The blacks got their “justice”. The hoodlum deserved to be shot I would have gladly done it myself.
Nonetheless,the beat goes on.
Denial, hate, destruction, a murder of a white man (Not a race crime, according to the stupid fucking police in St Louis), and general race war mentality gripping the country.
I am glad to be armed these days.
One has to keep one’s mouth shut if you disagree with the above mentioned groups. The highest law official in the country, that asshat Holder, continues to spread the dogma of police randomly shooting college bound students just because they have the same color skin as the President.
So, what is to be said during all this mayhem?
Not much. It speaks for itself. Too many ignorant black people who don’t want to believe one of them could have actually been guilty of assaulting a police officer after robbing a shopkeeper in Ferguson.
He must be innocent. He was black.
To my knowledge, none of the prostestors in the country are in jail at this time. Occasionally, they get arrested, but are all released immediately.
If only I could get a traffic ticket and be immediately exonerated. But, no. Park too long at a meter, and you will pay the fine of $65. The protestor assholes don’t even get a modest fine for inconveniencing hundreds of people by preventing them from getting to work.
But that’s OK. They are just speaking out for the oppressed.
I guess.
Man in St Louis killed by black hoodlums with a hammer. No problem Not a hate crime. No. Not all. He wasn’t “white”. He was “Bosnian”. What the fuck?????
Those shithead punks never heard of “Bosnia”. They were chanting, “Kill the white people” moments before doing it. Not a hate crime?
Let’s bring back the Klu Klux Klan.
They aren’t lynching “Black people”. They just wanted to kill some kids. Not a hate crime.


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