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The Federal Government is ‘Shut Down”. OK. I can accept that. For political reasons, Congress has not “funded” the government at this time.
What I don’t get is how it is that all of a sudden, Americans are made aware that the Federal Government “owns” public land.
They shut down the National Parks, and all associated recreational and historic areas, barricading them from the people.
Many examples are shown of completely innocuous areas barricaded so the public can not access them.
I understand if the Government wants to shut down a venue that requires personnel to staff it properly in order for the public to use it, such as, perhaps, Donkey rides along Grand Canyon walls.
What is outrageous is how the government has shut down things that don’t need anyone or any support. Such as the beach at San Francisco. All of a sudden, it is illegal to walk on the beach.
The Feds do not “OWN” the beach. They are, however, keeping the people off of it just to spite them. This is all so much bullshit it is amazing. But the voters will not react, and the same idiots will be re elected in a few months.


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