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(I am quite sure Jimmy Hatlo is unknown to most readers. But the name of his old, now gone, daily strip is the title of this blog. It’s not “Tip o’ the Hat”).

As the news cycle concerning the shooter in Washington DC winds down, the reporters are now turning their attention to the good old standby, the gun shop customers. Al Jazerra’s website, found by following a Drudge Report link, reports that DC gun buyers are buying guns, and don’t like the flurry of gun laws being enacted. Naturally.
Nothing new whatsoever in this report, except there was one line that caught my attention.
One buyer said, “You can’t legislate away evil”.
There you go. So clearly stated. The politicians are law makers. That’s all they do. Make laws. They make laws to tell us what kind of gas we can buy, What kind of lightbulbs we can screw in, what kind of medical insurance we have to buy. That’s all they know. Making laws to force people to their will, to make people twist into their utopian scenario. To regulate the masses.
And we, for the most part, get regulated. We pay our income tax, pay the federal gas tax, pay the local property tax, pay the sales tax, pay the list of taxes on our cell phones, (including a tax to give cell phones to Obama voters), pay our vehicle license “fees”, pay our taxes and fees until we have only a small percentage of our original earnings.

Politicians in many states are working overtime to tax and regulate firearms out of the hands of the people. All in the name of, wait for it…… security.
Where have we heard that before?
Oh yea. At the lines at the airport. At the entrance to any public event or building. At the news conference where Obama said he was NOT listening to your phone calls or reading your emails. (No. He is just SAVING them all for some free time he might have in the future).

Security. Homeland. Threat levels. Terrorism.
This paradigm has ruined the country. Instead of “see the USA in your Chevrolet”, it is now, “if you see something, say something”.
Germany, 1938, anyone?

I think we should all “say something”, not using words. And soon.
Meanwhile, buy whatever you need now, before you can’t.
The Feinsteins, Boxers, Bidens, Bloombergs, and that douchebag on CNN will never change, will never go away. Just be sure you have plenty of ammunition and all the guns you want because soon, very soon, they will all be illegal, and thugs will be trying to collect them from the people.

The name of Jimmy Hatlo’s daily cartoon is “They’ll Do It Every Time”.


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