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Astounding how the rotten “media” has twisted yet another news event to their own ends. If it’s Miley Cyrus wagging her crusted up ugly tongue, or a murderer who takes prescribed brain changing drugs, the news outlets with their idiot kid producers manage to slant the truth for their own Wonderland hopes and dreams.
There never was an AR-15. Yet, the New York media can’t let it go. Only slowly, invisibly, reluctantly yet silently are they starting to back off on their much-hoped-for AR-15 theory.
For Morgan, Bloomberg, Feinstein, and other maniacs, it is too hard to ignore the wiring of their brains, and they fabricate facts to fit their paradigm. Every monster murderer is only capable of murder using a certain semi-automatic rifle. A rifle which happens to be the most popular long gun in America.
They hate that.
They hate that it is black.
They hate that it is inexpensive.
They hate that it is based on a military rifle.
They hate that there is no wooden stock on it.
They hate that Joe Biden does not own one.
They hate that I own one.
They hate that women can operate one.
They hate that it can hold thirty rounds of ammunition.
They hate that the police are not the only ones to possess them.
They hate them. Period.

So the media and these maniacs do everything to vilify them every time one is used in a crime. Which, incidentally, is a very small number, compared to handguns. Criminals do not carry around AR-15 rifles. They are impossible to carry concealed. Duh.
They are for home defense, defense against a tyrannical government, and defense against rioters.
But Joe Biden, Monkey face, and Feinstein all insist you and I should not be allowed to own a rifle that is black.
They go to lengths to somehow “prove” these rifles cause murders.
If rifles cause murders, then clocks must cause time. Umbrellas must cause rain.
It is insane.
This country is, as I have said many times, “off the rails”.
A single Muslim bombing a building apparently does not make every Muslim a bomber. But a single maniac using a firearm obviously makes every firearm owner a maniac.
Just ask a Democrat Senator.


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