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Deadbeat brother, agreeing to leave premises at precisely 10:30am Tuesday morning, and to collect his huge check, calls 30 minutes before said time, and asks for one more day.

I had arranged my personal schedule, and that of my son, to accommodate his “busy” schedule, (that of an unemployed, welfare-sucking bum) so that I could get him out of the house after 60 years of rent-free living.  Of course, he needs one more day. For what? So he can get his dog a bath before leaving. I guess there is no water in Oregon.  When he is finally gone, it will be well worth the huge loan I had to obtain to get him out. There will be no more accommodating anything having to do with him. It will be a huge relief not to have to give him money because he has no idea what happened to the $1000 I just gave him a few weeks earlier. What a douchebag.


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