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Another one. This time, in Washington DC. OK. The place was shot up. What I want to comment on is the hysteria and bad reporting by the press. There have been so many bad facts reported I just stopped listening. “The numbers have been changing all day” is a quote I have heard over and over.
News organizations are reporting “facts” obtained from “Tweets”, for Christ’s sake.

Whatever the totality of the event turns out to be, the American public deserves the truth. For this to happen, the press outlets must restrain themselves from stupid speculation and “anchor lady guesses”. How about the press just waits for the police to report what the can confirm.

It will never happen. “At the end of the day you may find it was just a single shooter”, (Fox News, 3:45pm ET).
Yes. At the end of the day many many “facts” reported will be shown to be untruths.
Is this what the “instant information” world we live has led to?
Yes, it is. The news “sources” are hysterical trying to be “the first”. Being “the correct” is irrelevant. If they have a shred of possibly true information, they go with it, without knowing it’s veracity. Doesn’t matter. If it’s new, it goes on the “News”. By definition, I guess.

Tweets read by stupid kids in newsrooms reported as facts.
“Sum Ting Wong”… Remember him?
Well, you should.


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