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Remember the Seinfield Show? Of course you do. Remember when George and Jerry were pitching their own show to NBC? The “show about nothing”?

That phrase occurs to me just about once a week, doing my job. The local television news industry is locked into a situation where they MUST fill hours a day of “news”, even when none exists.
You see, there must be something in between all the commercials for mattresses and cellphone plans. So, daily, news producers and assignment editors slave away, trying to dig up something worthy of six hours attention by a news photographer, news reporter, and a few minutes attention by a news producer. Then, when it is all done, two minutes of air time is used up by a “story about nothing”.

It is amazing to me how a “necessary” story is dropped entirely, instantly, when another “better” story comes along.

That’s why some days I spend hours over nothing. A shooting in Oakland. (yawn), A rape in Rohnert Park (Nobody cares), Stolen baseball bats at a Petaluma Little League field. A traffic officer has his foot run over by a car at an intersection.
These are all life-impacting events, squashed into a video production that is a must-see information-packed report.
Follow our Anchorette on Twitter. She has such informative opinions and other things to tell you. Such as the name of the station’s weather Doppler thing on some mountain somewhere that will tell (in cartoon form) you if it is raining. Not unlike the cartoon the Perky, wide-awake morning “Traffic Expert” shows, of red colored crawling automobiles that tell you the traffic is backed up “to the maze” on the Bay Bridge EVERY FUCKING MORNING. Now, THAT’S NEWS!

Brother! I can’t stand the utter stupidity any more.
Oh well, it’s no worse than working at a sewage treatment facility….. Oh wait… at least there, the company provides health care for life!


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