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Today I had to go over and discuss the distribution of a very few household items with my idiot brother, who has not moved from the house for over three years.
I did not look forward to this relatively simple exercise, since he is never rational, and has become quite violent and tempermental as the end of his sixty years of rent free living comes to a close.
He is getting $159,000.00 to leave, as well has having $44,000.00 in debt written off. That’s over $200,000.00 he is receiving.
Nonetheless, he is not happy about anything. He feels “put upon” by having to leave the rent free house that should be renting for over $3000.00, at the least.
He has dragged his feet for years, and caused nothing but problems.
Well, anyway, tomorrow the movers are supposed to come over and pack up his shit.
Today I went over to discuss the few items I did not want to find missing from the place after he leaves.
Come to find out he wants practically everything, and I gave him practically everything in the house.
He kept going on and on about how he is “just setting up a house” and he needs everything more than anyone else.
When he pointed out all the shit he is leaving for me to throw out, including truck tires, broken fish tanks, shopping carts, and other shit, I told him he would be responsible for the dumping fees.
He went apeshit, and commenced to get violently angry.
Typical Bullshit.
He threatened me with a bullet, reminded me he is a Hell’s Angel, (bullshit fantasy)…to which I replied, ‘I never saw you ride a motorcycle.’
It got quite ugly, as he ranted and raged. I did not leave, but stuck around until we both calmed down and finished my business of telling him he COULD have coffee table and end tables and lamps and almost every other fucking thing in the house
He grudgingly let me keep my antique telephone I installed in the house when I was 11, and a $75 toaster I bought my mom. Everything else, except the dining room set and the bedroom dresser in my mom’s room he is taking or throwing out.

Then, I found out he vandalized the beautiful dresser and bureau in my mother’s bedroom by slashing them with a knife. He explained that was when he was mad because he spent Christmas alone since he is feuding with my sister and he was not invited. He desecrated my mother’s extraordinarily beautiful bedroom set which she cherished her whole later life.
He decided he would scratch the fuck out of the pieces because he was angry at my sister.
I told him how mom would have felt about that, and, of course, he didn’t give a shit.

He is a total piece of shit, and when he drives away, I will never speak to him again.


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