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(For first-day motorists)
Was it worth the wait?
Do you feel safer?
Do you miss the old bridge?
Do you think it cost too much?
How do you feel driving on it?
Did it take too long?
Tell us what you think.
Is there anything you don’t like about it?
Were you afraid to drive on the old bridge?
Do you feel safe on this one?
Tell us about the view as you drove over it?
What do you think of the new lights?
Will this make your commute more relaxing, convenient, enjoyable, stress-free, efficient, fun, tolerable, wonderful, awesome, amazing, pleasurable, reliable, safe, inspiring, horrible?
Do you think this bridge will survive an earthquake?
What would you do if the entire bridge started to plummet into the bay as you drove over it?
Tell me, which politician do you think was most to blame for delaying this bridge for twenty years?
Is this a great asset for the Bay Area?
Do you think this new bridge will overtake the Golden Gate Bridge as a tourist attraction?
Can I ask you, isn’t this new bridge wonderful?
What will you tell your grandkids about this first time driving on the new bridge?
Should gay couples be allowed to get married on this bridge?
If there were an earthquake, would you head to the bridge, being as it is the safest structure in the Bay Area?
Would you feel comfortable on the bridge in a hurricane?
How about a major pile up accident involving a gasoline truck? Would you feel safer on this bridge or the original span?
What should they do with the old bridge? Some are suggesting they let homeless people live on it, Would that be a good idea?
Some Indian tribes want to convert the old bridge into a Casino, would you be OK with that?
A group of environmentalists want to retain the old bridge, and have it merge into the tunnel. Does that sound like something you would want?
Should local artists be allowed to decorate the new bridge with strings of lights and incendiary devices?
Some have said the new bridge needs something to distinguish it from all other bridges in the area. What would you suggest?
Would you be OK with an increase in the tolls to pay for this marvelous new bridge?
Should we ban all vehicles except electric cars from the new bridge, to prevent Global Warming?
Should we ban all vehicles except human powered bikes, wheelchairs, and roller skates from the new bridge?
Some have suggested that the bridge be closed on Martin Luther King’s Birthday. Would you be OK with that?
Should we consider re-installing the Key System on the lower deck of the San Francisco side of the Bridge, and have it terminate in that tourist destination of Treasure Island?
Should Cal Trans build vista turnouts along the incline section?
When should the tolls be raised to improve and repair the new bridge?
How many dollars should be added to the tolls during rush hours to pay for maintenance?
How much should be spent on new facial recognition cameras for security on the new bridge?
Should the new Bay Bridge Protective Caltrans Drone be flown in foggy weather?
What kind of advertising would be acceptable on the new bridge? Video billboards with loud audio OK with you?
When a local professional sports team wins something, how long should banners and flags be displayed from the tower?
Is it OK with you if the bridge is closed for movie production once a month? How about car commercials?
Should people be fined for changing lanes on this bridge?
How long do you think it will be before a truck falls off the bridge, given the low railing on the incline section?
Should a suicide barrier be erected before or after the first suicide?

(For bicyclists):
How often will you be using the bridge?
What’s it like biking halfway across the bay and then going back to Oakland?
How long do you think it will be before the bike lane goes all the way into San Francisco?
How long does it take you to pedal across the bridge?
Will you be doing this regularly?
Do you feel safer, separated from the cars?
Should they have a separate lane for pedestrians?
Should people be allowed to cross the bridge without a bicycle in the bicycle lane?
Should roller skates be banned from the bridge?
How much should the toll be for somebody to ride their bicycle to Treasure Island?
Are you concerned that anyone from Oakland can pass by you on that narrow walkway which has a very low railing which somebody could easily toss you over?


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