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trafficcameraThe advent of facial recognition cameras, license plate capture, obnoxious Google Prius camera cars, and as yet untested devices , along with the Utah database being constructed, assures that the government will soon have a nearly complete record of your location and activity, just for “national security”. Records will be kept forever, “just in case” you break some as yet uncreated law.

The fact of the complete intrusion by the government is already unavoidable.

It began with Stop Light cameras. A few years ago, every person attending the Superbowl was subjected to “facial recognition”, “just in case” you were subject to arrest.  How thoughtful.  Nobody seems to mind. Recently, technology was announced that would place a device in every new automobile which would enable every car to spy on nearby drivers and record and report speeding vehicles as you drive down the highway.  A ticket would be generate automatically. In essence, a “stop light camera” would be placed in every automobile to spy on every other car.

Incredibly, very few people seem to give a shit about all of this.

There was a movie recently starring a certain short guy wherein “pre crime” was the basis for arrest.

Possession of a fifteen round handgun magazine in Caifornia is a felony.  No event has occurred. This is a “pre crime” violation.

Driving a high performance automobile should be considered a similar “pre crime”, since, like a firearm, there are those among us (you know the ones) who say, “Nobody needs one of those!”

Photographing and recording the whereabouts of every citizen every time he steps out of his house, (and soon, inside as well) is considered “better safe than sorry”.


When two punks in Boston set off a bomb, the entire city was put under Martial law, civil rights were ignored, illegal searches were conducted house to house, and the people cheered and chanted “USA, USA!” as the cops violated Constitutional protections to illegal search and seizure. Same thing in New Orleans after the hurricane.

It is troubling and makes me feel lucky I have already enjoyed the freedoms I have for the past years. They are quickly ending, and their demise is being cheered by a bunch of sick citizens who feel it is better to be coddled by black uniformed thugs than to be free and willing to protect themselves and their property.

I have to run off now. But you know where to find me.


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