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bibb115I have an acquaintance I see almost every day. His name is Ed. Ed is an interesting fellow, a San Francisco resident for years, now living in a nearby suburb.
Every day he and I walk our dogs, and talk about whatever comes to mind. Ed is a good guy, with only one serious flaw.
He is a lock-step liberal, committed to whatever agenda the Democrat machine happens to be pushing that day. He gets his orders from Rachel Maddow, mostly.
There is always a “talking point” that Maddow vomits forth, and it is always extremely biased. There is no room for moderation or discussion when Maddow belches her diatribe. (Her cable show ratings are plummeting, by the way. I guess even Democrats can take only so much of this obnoxious woman).

Nonetheless, Ed never misses an opportunity to belittle me with whatever twisted, vague, not-necessarily accurate opinion stated as fact that he hears from the skinny hate filled Maddow, or from somebody not unlike her, like Chris Matthews or Bill Maher.

It is obvious that Ed likes to piss me off, since whenever he makes some ridiculous accusation about how the “Republicans”, (code for hate filled white people) are doing this or that, or have made some terrible, civilization-ending pronouncement, he loves to smile as I try to explain how stupid his point is.

Ed usually is far from reality when he relates the current talking point, issued on a daily basis.
But then, I must give him the benefit of the doubt, being as he gets his information from MSNBC and PBS.

Yesterday, however, we were both in agreement with not liking the idea of US involvement in Syria. That was a bit of a surprise. It seems he and I disagree with Pelosi. Maybe a first. So there is some room for improvement in his reasoning abilities.

Today, however, he thrust some website addresses at me, intending to prove that I, like anyone to the right of Marx, am a racist and bigot because I supposedly believe many black people are on welfare.

This somehow became an issue with me not because of anything I said, but rather, because he heard Maddow or somebody say it was true of “Republicans” that they were wrong to think only black people receive welfare. I really don’t care who gets welfare. I don’t think welfare is a good life-plan, unlike Democrats, apparently.

Anyway, he thrusts this paper in my hands, and walks away. As if to convince me that white people are also receiving welfare. Something I never have denied or even thought about. Of course all kinds of people get welfare. Why is this even an issue????

Because Rachel Maddow seems to have made it some kind of racist oppression perpetrated by white people. I don’t know. I missed that episode of her dying show.

But, here is the thing…. Let’s assume more white people get welfare than do black people. By numbers. by percentages, by age groups, whatever.
Who cares? I certainly don’t.

Welfare is a slavery imposed on a class of people by Democrats so as to keep them subservient to their re-elections.

Black single mothers. Black fatherless kids. It’s all good. I guess.

When the Democrats decreed that the more kids a single woman has, the more welfare money she gets, who could have POSSIBLY predicted what would happen? Who?

MORE single women with MORE kids, perhaps? Who knew?
But, somehow, the Black people in this country have developed this into a fine art and a life style and a future. Black kids look FORWARD to the day THEY will start receiving their free money from the working people of America.

I guess it’s inappropriate of me to point out how many Hispanics are working their asses off every day. How many Chinese kids are studying their brains out every day. How many Italian, English, Polish, Indian, Tibetian, Australian, Korean, Iranian, African, and Russian kids are studying every day. Preparing to get good jobs and, guess what???? WORK for a living. And make money to afford a decent lifestyle.

But Ed seems intent on proving, for some reason that totally escapes me, that WHITE people are receiving all the welfare checks in America.

To which I can only comment…

Don’t we?


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