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After forty two years in television engineering, I have had enough. It was a terrific career, and there were some exceptional moments. If only I could relive the excitement, fun, and enjoyment that this industry provided me. I won’t go into any of them, I have the memories, and they are great.
There was fulfillment and adventure, challenge and frustration, accomplishments and fails, people I loved and people I hate. Crooks, scammers, dreamers, fools. Takers, givers, doers and sloths.
All told, a good cross section of the world
My job put me in contact with more different types of people than I can recall. It took me to more places than I ever wanted to go.
Done things I hated, loved, and endured.
Now, it sucks. The industry has become evil, nasty, chintzy, and full of fools.
Can I go now?


Well, we have all been watching the hoodlums in Ferguson, Oakland, San Francisco, Portland, New York, and other cities all doing their best to make everybody else unhappy because they are.
It’s sickening to watch the black caucus, the St Louis Rams, Jacks- and Sharpt -on, ignorant blacks and others continuing to play out their fantasy of the hoodlum who was surrendering.
A Grand Jury decided otherwise. The blacks got their “justice”. The hoodlum deserved to be shot I would have gladly done it myself.
Nonetheless,the beat goes on.
Denial, hate, destruction, a murder of a white man (Not a race crime, according to the stupid fucking police in St Louis), and general race war mentality gripping the country.
I am glad to be armed these days.
One has to keep one’s mouth shut if you disagree with the above mentioned groups. The highest law official in the country, that asshat Holder, continues to spread the dogma of police randomly shooting college bound students just because they have the same color skin as the President.
So, what is to be said during all this mayhem?
Not much. It speaks for itself. Too many ignorant black people who don’t want to believe one of them could have actually been guilty of assaulting a police officer after robbing a shopkeeper in Ferguson.
He must be innocent. He was black.
To my knowledge, none of the prostestors in the country are in jail at this time. Occasionally, they get arrested, but are all released immediately.
If only I could get a traffic ticket and be immediately exonerated. But, no. Park too long at a meter, and you will pay the fine of $65. The protestor assholes don’t even get a modest fine for inconveniencing hundreds of people by preventing them from getting to work.
But that’s OK. They are just speaking out for the oppressed.
I guess.
Man in St Louis killed by black hoodlums with a hammer. No problem Not a hate crime. No. Not all. He wasn’t “white”. He was “Bosnian”. What the fuck?????
Those shithead punks never heard of “Bosnia”. They were chanting, “Kill the white people” moments before doing it. Not a hate crime?
Let’s bring back the Klu Klux Klan.
They aren’t lynching “Black people”. They just wanted to kill some kids. Not a hate crime.

147939-ibmKey1In an affirmation of the endless obstacles set before us to enforce the fact that life is tough, my faithful IBM clickey key keyboard, (circa 1978) failed this morning. I could not type in my password, so I had no choice but to retire it and replace it with an identical IBM clickey key keyboard I purchased about 12 years ago. After the mandatory fiddling with the connector (can’t see the back of the computer easily, and it’s the old PS/2 connector, happily accepted by my duo core motherboard), I got it working. I must say, the keys seem much livelier, as the key springs must certainly be more robust, not having ever been used, as opposed to the springs in my keyboard that has been tapped for 12 years.
Unfortunately, I spilled a bit of seltzer water into the left side of it yesterday, and this morning, sure enough, there was a problem. I am confident I can clean it out, dry it out, and have a shiny looking fully functioning keyboard again, but I am happily learning that, by typing this very blog entry, that I would not go back to it, since the keys on this unused Model M are much, much, snappier.
So, it was a fortunate accident, which caused me to replace a slowly degrading keyboard with a new condition one.
These Model M’s are the best keyboards ever made, and you can find them on ebay for about $75, used. I, however, was fortunate to acquire an additional four of the highly sought after “compact” Model M keyboards, which do not have the separate number keyboard on the right sided. Despite lacking the (for me) much appreciated number keypad, these original Model M Compact keyboards are going for much more on eBay, since people like the smaller footprint.
I got four of these Compact keyboards from the electronics recycling at work. They came from KGO Radio, which had moved out of the upstairs location when they were sold by Disney.
One of these keyboards, in fact, is still in it’s original box. The other three are in like new condition, and have seen essentially no use, since these were sold by IBM with server systems, instead of office systems. Hence, no daily constant use. Very little use, in fact. They go for up to $300 on eBay, used. Mine are new. I did not install one of them, however, since I had a full size Model M with the keypad I had bought years ago.
I am now happily clicking away on it. It’s so clean, having not been subject to my depradations for 12 years.
So, after a bit of fiddling, my computer has a new feel, and my fingers are interfacing with the world in a new, clicky, wonderful way this morning. One thing about these keyboards is the fact that they are noisy. Wonderfully so. These keyboards are used for film work just to get the sounds of keyboards being used, and the new “rubber dome” keyboards make wimply little squishy clickey sounds, as opposed to the hearty satisfying clicks produced by an actual “buckling spring” key. My keys each have a spring inside, which collapses to the side, (bends sideways) as you press it, and returns to full erect status when you lift your finger. The clicks are solid, the feel is solid, and the letters flow across the screen in sync with the clicks. There is no substitute.
IBM stopped making them years ago.
Incredibly, a computer device in use 25 years ago is still the state of the art! At the time these keyboards were produced, 5 1/4 inch floppy disks, and external huge 10 MB (megabyte)! hard drives (Winchester discs) were the best you could get. Processor speeds were around 8 MHz, I think.
Amazingly, IBM made a keyboard format (the 101 keys) which is still the standard keyboard, and these keyboards interface perfectly with any new computer, using a proprietary USB adaptor. Mine, however, simply plugs into my computer without an adapter, using the PS/2 connector, (You know,like the mouse connector before they all went to USB).
Well, that’s about it. I have four of the Compact keyboards ready when I want to use them, but I am pretty sure this keyboard will last a long, long, time before I eveh have to think about it.
Buy yourself a Model M, and you will see what I mean. A Model M keyboard, along with a Diamond Razorback Mouse, makes your physical interface to your computer something so much more enjoyable, you won’t ever consider using a crappy rubber dome type keyboard. (A rubber dome is just that, where the key sits atop a rubber dome which collapses to make the contact. Imagine a rubber dome compared to a buckling spring mechanical switch under each key. Sure, you can buy a keyboard for a few bucks, but that’s about what it is worth.

The Federal Government is ‘Shut Down”. OK. I can accept that. For political reasons, Congress has not “funded” the government at this time.
What I don’t get is how it is that all of a sudden, Americans are made aware that the Federal Government “owns” public land.
They shut down the National Parks, and all associated recreational and historic areas, barricading them from the people.
Many examples are shown of completely innocuous areas barricaded so the public can not access them.
I understand if the Government wants to shut down a venue that requires personnel to staff it properly in order for the public to use it, such as, perhaps, Donkey rides along Grand Canyon walls.
What is outrageous is how the government has shut down things that don’t need anyone or any support. Such as the beach at San Francisco. All of a sudden, it is illegal to walk on the beach.
The Feds do not “OWN” the beach. They are, however, keeping the people off of it just to spite them. This is all so much bullshit it is amazing. But the voters will not react, and the same idiots will be re elected in a few months.

DSOMRAP-thumb-565x422What does any United States Sheriff Department or Police Department NEED with something like this???

And yet, these military bomb protected troop carriers are being given to local law enforcement departments all over the country.

It doesn’t even make any kind of tactical sense. What good is it? This country is completely off the rails.
Time to wake up and be afraid of your local government, as well as your national government. Seriously. This kind of stuff is only good for a war against the people.

Every time some maniac kills a few people someplace besides Oakland or Chicago, (because, apparently, no liberals give a shit about teenage punks in ghettos), the press and tv immediately drool over the prospect of an AR-15 rifle being involved.
They can’t get enough of the AR-15, ever since a monster shot up a theater in Colorado.
It seems this weapon, unlike the very popular semi-automatic handguns in use all over the world, is seen as somehow capable of making it’s own decisions, and of killing innocent people all my itself.

So, the press, hoping for another mass killing perpetrated by this animated rifle, drools over the prospects of it being true, so that they may do what they do every time.
I need not elaborate, but I remind you how little these “reporters” seem to know about firearms, and how stupid they sound.

Case in point. The Washington shooter killed some people.
He used a Remington 870 Express 12 gauge shotgun, one of millions Remington has manufactured and sold. Police departments use them all over the world. Hunters use them. Trap shooters practice with them (but they prefer much more expensive guns). Needless to say, there are many of them.
But the one used in Washington was a special edition.
It was an “AR-15 Shotgun”.
Yep. An “AR-15 Shotgun”.
CNN shared this important piece of “breaking news” with America the day the shootings occurred. They announced this important fact, and Americans knew, once again, that they were so lucky to have CNN protecting their freedoms and insuring their safety from maniacs like me.

Because, I own an AR-15, and I also own a Remington 870. I suppose if I put them next to one another, they just might procreate. Or something.

Anyway, not wanting to let a good crisis go to waste, the anti gun nuts are in force once again. They are telling us all how evil we are, and how much safer we would all be if only criminals and cops had the ability to defend themselves.

They are so much smarter than us neanderthals. I am so happy they think so much of me to help me out, since I am too stupid to make my own decisions. They have to make them for me. Thanks, Feinstein. Thanks, Boxer. Thanks, Obama. And thanks, Joe Biden.

“There’s just one thing……”, (Columbo)

The 2nd Amendment does not “give” me the right to possess and use arms.
That’s right.
I utterly agree that it does NOT give me the right to bear arms.

That’s because the Founders did not GIVE me the right to keep and bear arms.
“What?”, you ask…. How can I be saying such a thing?…. Why, it’s right there, the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Not the Tenth, not the Sixth. The Second. Right after the Freedom of the Press, and the Freedom of Speech. Amendment Number TWO.

What does it say?…

As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, then-Secretary of State:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

One sentence. Now, many anti gun people have parsed the words above, but the Supreme Court recently decided that it IS an INDIVIDUAL right that is referred to, and being a “member of a state militia” is not part of the deal here.

It refers to “the people”, and every time “the people” are mentioned in the Constitution, it means you, me, your parents, your kids, your friends, and your enemies.

But all of us can see that it means ME.
That has been cleared up, but some idiots still don’t see that as the fact. That’s ok. They don’t matter.

The Fourth Amendment says:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

(Perhaps Obama and company should read that one again, especially his entire Justice Department. But I digress).

There it is again….”of the people”. RIGHT THERE, in the prepositional phrase after the first two words.

Remember that a prepositional phrase will never contain the subject of a sentence. But that may be getting too complicated for you…

Let’s just say this:

The prepositional phrase, “of the people”, clearly, in this instance, refers to an individual right, not a collective right. A “place to be searched, and the persons or things….” clearly refers to a single person.

So that’s clear.

Now let this be clear: The Second Amendment does not give me the right to keep and bear arms. No, siree. No way. It does not give me any right whatsoever.

No. The Second Amendment, and the other ten in the Bill of Rights, does not give me any rights at all.
That’s because the government does not give me any rights whatsoever.
My rights exist without the government. My rights existed before the formation of the US Constitution. Before the election of Barack Obama. Before the establishment of the Internal Revenue Service.

The people, collectively, give the GOVERNMENT the right to govern. But most Americans have no idea.

The Bill of Rights does not even need to exist for me to have rights.
But, conveniently, the Founders took the trouble and time to express those rights.

The Bill of Rights AFFIRMS my rights.

The President, Congress, the Governor, the Board of Supervisors, my Homeowners Association, none of them have any power over my basic rights.

I do not need permission to defend myself or my family, or my property.
I do not need permission to form my own news organization and exercise my Freedom of the Press. (Feinstein notwithstanding).

I have that right, and others, no matter what laws such fools decide to write down.

Therefore, I live my life completely the way I prefer, including my choice of firearm possession or non possession, at any time.


Thank god. Now, on to the next distraction for the mindless fools of America.

Is it over? Done yet? The yacht race stuff. Is it over yet? I really don’t know, since I try to avoid newscasts on the radio, and never turn on my old tube tv any longer. It might have ended.
I read a few conservative news web sites, and none of them have mentioned the toy boat racing ever.
That’s probably because NOBODY cares.
But I care. I want it over. The city of San Francisco needs to clear away the debris from the event to make room for the next mass march, rock concert, airplane show, art exhibit, charity dance, or equality rally.
Whatever is lined up to take up time, space, parking places, and fray the nerves of residents of the city, it must move in NOW.
Let USA or the other country get their trophy, clean up their mess, and just go away.

(I am quite sure Jimmy Hatlo is unknown to most readers. But the name of his old, now gone, daily strip is the title of this blog. It’s not “Tip o’ the Hat”).

As the news cycle concerning the shooter in Washington DC winds down, the reporters are now turning their attention to the good old standby, the gun shop customers. Al Jazerra’s website, found by following a Drudge Report link, reports that DC gun buyers are buying guns, and don’t like the flurry of gun laws being enacted. Naturally.
Nothing new whatsoever in this report, except there was one line that caught my attention.
One buyer said, “You can’t legislate away evil”.
There you go. So clearly stated. The politicians are law makers. That’s all they do. Make laws. They make laws to tell us what kind of gas we can buy, What kind of lightbulbs we can screw in, what kind of medical insurance we have to buy. That’s all they know. Making laws to force people to their will, to make people twist into their utopian scenario. To regulate the masses.
And we, for the most part, get regulated. We pay our income tax, pay the federal gas tax, pay the local property tax, pay the sales tax, pay the list of taxes on our cell phones, (including a tax to give cell phones to Obama voters), pay our vehicle license “fees”, pay our taxes and fees until we have only a small percentage of our original earnings.

Politicians in many states are working overtime to tax and regulate firearms out of the hands of the people. All in the name of, wait for it…… security.
Where have we heard that before?
Oh yea. At the lines at the airport. At the entrance to any public event or building. At the news conference where Obama said he was NOT listening to your phone calls or reading your emails. (No. He is just SAVING them all for some free time he might have in the future).

Security. Homeland. Threat levels. Terrorism.
This paradigm has ruined the country. Instead of “see the USA in your Chevrolet”, it is now, “if you see something, say something”.
Germany, 1938, anyone?

I think we should all “say something”, not using words. And soon.
Meanwhile, buy whatever you need now, before you can’t.
The Feinsteins, Boxers, Bidens, Bloombergs, and that douchebag on CNN will never change, will never go away. Just be sure you have plenty of ammunition and all the guns you want because soon, very soon, they will all be illegal, and thugs will be trying to collect them from the people.

The name of Jimmy Hatlo’s daily cartoon is “They’ll Do It Every Time”.

Astounding how the rotten “media” has twisted yet another news event to their own ends. If it’s Miley Cyrus wagging her crusted up ugly tongue, or a murderer who takes prescribed brain changing drugs, the news outlets with their idiot kid producers manage to slant the truth for their own Wonderland hopes and dreams.
There never was an AR-15. Yet, the New York media can’t let it go. Only slowly, invisibly, reluctantly yet silently are they starting to back off on their much-hoped-for AR-15 theory.
For Morgan, Bloomberg, Feinstein, and other maniacs, it is too hard to ignore the wiring of their brains, and they fabricate facts to fit their paradigm. Every monster murderer is only capable of murder using a certain semi-automatic rifle. A rifle which happens to be the most popular long gun in America.
They hate that.
They hate that it is black.
They hate that it is inexpensive.
They hate that it is based on a military rifle.
They hate that there is no wooden stock on it.
They hate that Joe Biden does not own one.
They hate that I own one.
They hate that women can operate one.
They hate that it can hold thirty rounds of ammunition.
They hate that the police are not the only ones to possess them.
They hate them. Period.

So the media and these maniacs do everything to vilify them every time one is used in a crime. Which, incidentally, is a very small number, compared to handguns. Criminals do not carry around AR-15 rifles. They are impossible to carry concealed. Duh.
They are for home defense, defense against a tyrannical government, and defense against rioters.
But Joe Biden, Monkey face, and Feinstein all insist you and I should not be allowed to own a rifle that is black.
They go to lengths to somehow “prove” these rifles cause murders.
If rifles cause murders, then clocks must cause time. Umbrellas must cause rain.
It is insane.
This country is, as I have said many times, “off the rails”.
A single Muslim bombing a building apparently does not make every Muslim a bomber. But a single maniac using a firearm obviously makes every firearm owner a maniac.
Just ask a Democrat Senator.